7 ways to get online customers; SEO and other methods

Get More Customers Online in London

If you are someone who makes money through a website, then how many visitors you get combines with your website’s conversion percentage to determine your sales. In both cases, the more you get, the better. They are however separate matters. Your website’s conversion process is usually established just once with minor tweaks later, but there are 7 ways you can get more customers online:

1) Do search engine optimisation: Get a Local London SEO Agency ┬áto help you build great backlinks from related sites can boost your website’s profile in the search engine listings so that you move up in the links. Getting on the first page means more visitors. Getting on the top half of that page means even more, and being in the top two or three is the best. SEO company Surgerank.co.uk are a reputable agency based in London that boasts high success rates

Great content

2) Create great content: If your site is short on content or hasn’t had anything new updated in a while, change that. When you provide valuable content to visitors, you convince them you care about making their lives easier, and you’re more likely to establish yourself as an authority in your niche or market. Both of those engender more sales.

3) Make the most of social media: Earn trust, laughter, and respect by sharing that content through social media. Don’t just flood coupons. Give people a reason to follow you and their dollars will follow.

4) Get aggressive in your pricing: If you’re having trouble standing out from a crowd, drop your prices to be the best value in your market segment. Alternatively run deals or specials for a short while to create a sense of urgency. Even a rock-bottom deal that you don’t make much profit on can at least boost your brand and name recognition.

5) Offer guarantees: This will depend on the specific products or services you offer, and so sometimes guarantees or warranties aren’t always possible or advisable, but see if you can offer a guarantee on delivery time, or money back for satisfaction guaranteed.

6) Advertise: If need be, run a paid online ad campaign to draw traffic directly instead of organically. Make sure you target this campaign to keywords and sites that are used by the Internet crowd that, one, is interested in what you have to offer, and, two, is looking to spend money on it.

7) Try long-tail keywords: Come up with long-tail search phrases that might expand on the search terms that land people at your site.

When applicable, use these 7 ways to get more customers online. If your website’s conversion process is robust enough, additional traffic will automatically mean additional sales over your previous numbers.